E Paper introducing Digitalised Paper !

Paper today, reality tomorrow.
We strive to make a difference in our environment and our communities—one of our goals is to make sustainable business a reality. Through sustainable forest management and community development efforts, we do our best to make sure that the paper we make touches more lives.
More than just words, we inspire action.
Through paper, we share experiences and make memories with people around the world, everyday. We live in the moment and celebrate life!
More than just fun, we connect people.
Many accomplishments start out as ideas on a humble blank sheet. We unlock creativity and ideas, empowering people to dream big. Paper today, reality tomorrow.
More than just utility, we create a future.
 E Paper™ has grown to be the preferred paper of choice for many users. Today, E Paper™ is sold in more than 70 countries around the world, and is one of the brand leaders in Asia.
E Paper™ is more than just paper, we make things happen.
We make significant contributions to the local and national economy, for example, by directly employing 5,400 people and partnering with 90,000 more people in businesses that supply or support us in the Riau province in Sumatra.
We also empower community farmers by upgrading their skills through training, while assisting some landowners to set up their own community fiber farms.
Selected villagers receive training from E PaperGroup on how to raise and breed cattle and to use the manure as compost for organic gardening. They are also provided with start-up resources and given assistance by E Paper Group's field extension workers who live alongside them in the villages. Harvests such as fruits, vegetables and feed crops are then sold in the market or as a source of food for the family.
We have a commitment to produce our products sustainably and responsibly – principles that underline what we do every day at E Paper Group.
In producing our E Paper™ products, we ensure that the highest international standards are met. Protecting the environment and replenishing the natural resource we harvest are important tasks we undertake every step of the way. That’s why we only use 100 percent renewable plantation fibre in our products.
Our concessions are designed using an integrated landscape-level approach, which sees fiber plantations, conservation areas and community settlements strategically allocated alongside one another. This enables sustainable fiber production while providing communities with adequate natural forest for their livelihood
                  "Paper today, reality tomorrow is our main motive"            
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we do our best to make sure that the paper we make touches more lives.